Talent Futures Executive Coaching and Consulting

Our Approach - Confidential Reflective Summary

Executives rarely have enough time to reflect. The Confidential Reflective Summary (CRS©) method of follow-up provides continuity of the coaching experience between scheduled meetings. The CRS© invites clients to take their in-session learning further. Since development of the CRS© in 2011, Talent Futures clients have often exceeded their coaching goals, their own hopes, and their organisation's expectations.

Pen on paperThe CRS© method was developed over time and was much debated by Talent Futures coaches and other coaching professionals. We wanted to ensure we were providing a memory aide and reflection prompt to clients between sessions, without weakening client accountability for coaching outcomes, or skewing the session outcomes by solely conveying the perspective of the coach.

Here's what clients have to say about the CRS© method of follow up:

"I really value the additional perspective provided in the confidential reflective summary after each coaching session. They capture the essence of issues, stimulate further thinking and really create a lasting bridge between sessions."
Director, Third Sector Organisation

"In the middle of a coaching session it is difficult to take notes as well as concentrate on the subject being discussed, so I was very pleased that my coach took the trouble to send me a written summary of the session afterwards. Reading the reflections a week or two later meant that I was able to remind myself of what we were discussing. This often led me to reflect further, and was a very productive way of keeping momentum."
Chief Risk Officer, Insurance Company