Talent Futures Executive Coaching and Consulting

Our Approach - The Coaching Journey

Coaching is a journey with the client at the helm, and the coach as navigator. The client has a history of success, but now future success requires change. Together the client and coach navigate the journey from what has made the client successful in the past to what will yield continued success in the future. The coach offers a mirror to see the self, along with support, challenge, and insight. A broader perspective on challenges emerges. The elusive becomes tangible. A new course of success is charted.

Steep rocky stepsTalent Futures coaches prompt success for their clients through several ways:

  • The coaching goals and plan are jointly agreed by the Manager, HR Contact, the Coaching Client, and the Coach.
  • Meetings are held every 3-4 weeks for several months at an offsite location to give the Client a neutral space for reflection.
  • Clients can discuss anything in relation to their goals. Often clients take the opportunity to explore aspects of working life they wouldn't normally verbalise.
  • Coaches provide a Confidential Reflective Summary after each session to keep the coaching themes alive between sessions. Through this method, coaches support the whole learning journey, rather than working only in the session.
  • Sometimes psychometrics or 360 feedback may be added to the coaching programme to build the Coaching Client's self-awareness and understanding.
  • Progress review meetings are held with all stakeholders to ensure alignment in understanding of progress made, create new development plans, and leverage the success of the Coaching Client more broadly in the organisation.

Talent Futures coaches provide confidentiality, transparency, and objectivity. We follow the Code of Ethics for both the Association for Coaching UK and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, as well as our own Talent Futures Code of Ethics.  All Talent Futures associates are committed to upholding these standards.