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Portfolio - Recommendations - Leaders in the Public & Third Sectors

"Victoria’s coaching combines experience of working herself at senior level, great natural empathy, rigorous professionalism and a commitment to outcomes. I now spend a far greater proportion of my time in the calm, authoritative and empowered state where I am most effective. Feedback from team members and colleagues reflects this change."
Director, Civil Service

"Victoria is an intelligent observer, who makes astute interventions and possesses a wealth of knowledge and tools. She creates a highly effective, learning-focused relationship with clients, the benefits of which are felt by the individual, their employer and the people around them."
Senior Manager, Third Sector

View over Westminster, London"I am a woman of African Caribbean origin and clearly this has an impact on how I view the world. Victoria was able to listen, empathise and work with me through some difficult issues around race and ethnicity and helped me to put in place some strategies that I am now using and will continue to use. My experience of coaching with Victoria has been an extremely positive one."
Head of HR, UK Charity

"I’ve done some bold and courageous things in the past few months, including about 5 Board appearances, but with a lot less worry or angst and probably done them to a higher standard as a result of the coaching."
Group Head of Organisational Development, Housing Association

"The coaching experience helped me mature as a professional and as a person… I have gained energy to move forward in a positive and planned way."
Finance Director, Housing Association

"Victoria was able to guide me through some fairly tricky situations…by helping me to understand what my key strengths are and how best to deploy them…[she] also helped me develop a toolkit to ensure I delivered on my key objectives. All of this was done in a very sensitive, supportive and professional manner."
Head of Equality, UK Charity

"I found Victoria truly insightful and perceptive. She challenged my thinking and helped me understand, in a very positive way, my own personal style and when and how to adapt it. I put into effect what I learned and I found I had immediate positive results."
Senior Director, Third Sector Organisation