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"Victoria got my measure very quickly and has that amazing quality of being able to ask the one big question that takes one right to the heart of the issue. She is perceptive, insightful and helped me and equipped me to tackle many complex situations."
MD, Top Tier Investment Bank

"Beyond all the good progress I made due to our sessions, Victoria also inspired me not to give up on having a longer-term vision and strategy. Many times I had wondered if I wouldn’t be better off just being short-sighted and execute on today/tomorrow. She reminded me of the value and uniqueness that I offer."
Global Head of Markets and Securities Technology, Top Tier Investment Bank

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"Coaching has significantly influenced my approach as a leader. It has allowed me to properly understand and develop the insights, mindset and skills to lead my business and its people to success. Game changing."
COO EMEA, Global Investment Firm

"The results are a revelation to me. A huge shift from being unmotivated and stressed to being happy, excited and productive."
Senior Software Engineer, Top Tier Investment Bank

"…when my company was going through extraordinary change and growth… I had to learn how to lead in a very different environment. Coaching helped me identify potential obstacles to success, develop strategies to deal with those and identify criteria for future success. In a short period of time, I learned new leadership techniques and how to succeed in a very different role. I would recommend Victoria to anyone."
SVP, Financial Services Company

"Working with Victoria was an extremely valuable experience; I performed better in my role as a result of the coaching."
MD & CFO, Top Tier Investment Bank

"I needed to realise things for myself, and Victoria helped me do that."
MD, Top Tier Investment Bank

"I had returned from maternity leave when I started coaching. Victoria helped me to navigate the challenges in the workplace along with the emotional demands of having a young child. I feel more positive about my choice to return to work and know that I am doing a good job."
VP, Top Tier Investment Bank