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Portfolio - Recommendations - Leaders in Engineering & Manufacturing

Aircraft flying over city"My time spent with Victoria has always resulted in helping me find new insights, a stronger sense of who I really am and most importantly, what I really want to do next."

"A useful bridge between where I was (a new Managing Director) and what was expected from me in my new position."
MD, European Manufacturing Company

"Having had several experiences with coaching in my professional life, my work with Victoria genuinely gave me a new outlook and made me a more effective professional."
MD, Global Engineering Firm

"Victoria was positive and supportive throughout but never 'let me off the hook' in terms of probing my thinking… Being clear about who I want and need to be as a leader has enabled me to successfully and significantly expand my area of responsibility and achieve a higher level of satisfaction. The outcome has been positive for both the business and I."

"Working with Victoria provided me with deeper insight into interpersonal relationships and organisational dynamics which then allowed me to reframe issues, build better and deeper relationships, and deliver more for the business. Overall it reinvigorates me to deliver on behalf of the business and myself."
Account Director, Engineering Consultancy

"Victoria was extremely well organised, knowledgeable, calm and confident, excellent at listening, interpreting, and supporting me to move forward."
Senior Manager, Commercial Airline

"It was as if I had a mirror held up to myself."
Head of Programme Management, Commercial Airline