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Building a Strengths-based Culture of Customer Service
The leadership team of a 1200-employee business unit wanted to strengthen their ability to work as a team while they led an initiative to create a culture of customer service across the organisation. Through the design of a tailored leadership inquiry using surveys and focus groups, and introduction of a strengths-based mindset through the Strengthscope suite, the leaders gained insights to guide them while they developed a more AGILE approach to service improvement. Nine months after the engagement concluded, the leadership team were continuing to use a strengths-based approach and had exceeded several KPIs on customer service. A strengths-based approach can be effective in a number of challenges, including culture change, multiple team alignment and integration, and increasing employee motivation and company results.
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Talent Management Strategy
Consulted to and mentored a Head of Learning and Development, EMEA in the development of the talent management strategy and succession planning tools. His success in role led to his promotion to VP, Global Head of Talent Management & Leadership Development in corporate headquarters in the US.

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Successor Profiles at a Global Bank
The client company wanted to determine the ideal background and experience of successful CFOs and COOs to aid their talent management. Debates on education requirements and international experience were particularly divisive. The Talent Futures consultant interviewed the top 50 executives worldwide, analysed the data, wrote recommendations, developed a brand-specific definition of potential, and created profile descriptions of CFO- and COO-successors.

Changing Employee Behaviours
The client company approached Talent Futures for advice on rolling out a 360 feedback instrument—which to buy, how best to use it. In an initial half-day meeting with the client to explore the reasons why they had chosen that solution, the Talent Futures consultant helped the organisation to see the wider picture on what they wanted to change in their organisation, and the steps to achieve it. After some follow-up data inquires, the client determined that instead of a 360, a revised competency framework and performance review system was needed. The Talent Futures consultant was able to advise the client in the development of their own solutions so that the client could create an effective system in-house at minimal cost. Throughout the process, the consultant acted as a helpful sounding board and additional stage of review to the client to ensure the best solution.