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Team on mountain top

Senior Team Development Coaching the Board of a Ministerial Department in the UK enables them to solve problems jointly, including a £220m budget crisis. They agree on key messages to their teams and began a culture shift from rumour mill to transparency. They delegate more, shift their attention higher, and reach a far more effective level of Board performance.
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The Art of Leadership Bespoke lunchtime visits to an art gallery with a consultant art historian furthers the agility of leadership in teams, with post-workshop revies leading to breaking through black-and-white thinking, bringing people together and tensions subsiding, and a path to more creativity and better strategy.
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Flowing With Teams In Change


Integrating an acquired private bank into a global banking group

"Please make them align with us…"

The Hallmark programme with the private bank's Board raised awareness of the range of working styles in the team, surfaced conflicting views, unified them in their brand, and developed their approach to the global banking group and their proposal for the integration strategy.

"Here's how we can integrate with you…"


Bringing together Swiss Germans and Brits in one team.

"Those people just don't understand…"

Workshops on perceptions of culture, actual cultural norms, ways of working together, and finding creative solutions as a team.

"It's different over there, this is what is important to them, and this is how we work together…"


Poor morale of the London region of a North American parent company

"This ship is sinking fast,
the parent company doesn't care,
and we're losing our best talent…"

Focus groups to ascertain and objectively define the difficulties, feedback sessions to London management, action planning, and senior leader ownership of the problem.

"This is what we must do and how we will do it."