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Yew arches Chief Risk Officer, Global Financial Services Company
Client faced mounting pressure of changing regulatory landscape and sanctions, succeeded in adjusting his focus, strengthened his influence, increased his confidence, and worked more through his team and colleagues to affect change.

CEO, Global Manufacturing Company
A CEO had previously experienced coaching and development from other providers. As part of a verbal 360 exercise for several members of the executive team, the CEO took part to gain feedback only. The coach provided the 360 feedback using a mind-map method that incorporated the client’s lifelong learning, and a Gestalt and sounding board approach. Engaged with coaching anew, the Client succeeded in making his visionary and strategic ability the core of his leadership brand, thus empowering the people in his organisation to develop and achieve more whilst he regained his life balance. Two years later his organisation had taken on new lines of business and he saw further opportunities ahead. He re-engaged the coach for a further six sessions to work through the new transition.

Multicultural Transition While Leading Change
Having led Asia for a global British company for over a decade, a European took a new role in another country and encountered strong resistance to his improvement plans and management style, political challenges, and trouble with unions. The coaching approach blended Gestalt, Transactional Analysis and Values-based Leadership, aided by psychometric and 360 feedback. The coach also resurfaced and worked with the client’s forgotten entrepreneurial dreams. The client strengthened his relationships and successfully engaged his team and the larger organisation in change. Six months after coaching ended, the client fulfilled his entrepreneurialism by leading an acquisition of a Nordic company. Within a year he grew his region to £1.3 Bn, and later was promoted to MD of Europe.

Leading Regulatory Change in a Global Environment
A seasoned change leader and newly-promoted MD in a global investment bank was leading regulatory compliance on new American legislation. His approach in outlining the required changes was unpopular with European and Asian colleagues, his work became mired in politics, and he was feeling ostracized from more senior leaders. The coach’s approach blended Values-based Leadership and a focus on internal scripts with a sounding board on change management, and was aided by 360 feedback. As the client gained greater insight to his emotional drivers, he repositioned key messages to senior leaders while holding firm in his convictions and withstanding political storms. He ensured that the bank met regulatory deadlines and he ultimately emerged well-positioned, valued and respected.

Transition Coaching for a Senior Executive
A senior executive transitions from managing hundreds regionally to an individual contributor global strategy role, the outcome of which will determine his future career. He learns to more fully embrace his image as an executive, overcomes the challenges he feels in networking, builds rapport and understanding more broadly, and secures the buy-in to his resulting plan and strategy. The Company moves him into his first truly global leadership role 12 months early and he succeeds by all accounts.

Development Coaching on Influencing
The Head of Equality Strategy strengthens her influence at Board level amidst heavy organisation politics. She brings previously distant colleagues more closely to her, successfully communicates further afield, and sharpens her strategic view of what “achieving the diversity agenda” means to her and her organisation.