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Coaching and Networking Forums are for leaders who are interested in gaining insight on their leadership while expanding their network through deep, trusting relationships. Each forum is limited to 1 person per organisation, 6 people in total, to ensure confidentiality and an optimum group size for learning.

While each forum has a general focus area, the agenda for each meeting is what the members determine. Members discuss their challenges and coach each other. Victoria Hall facilitates 
and participants learn the fundamentals of good coaching as a leader.

Why teach leaders how to coach? A leader who can coach is a leader who can:

  • Efficiently support her team without getting drawn into work at the levels below.
  • Inspire others to develop their initiative, take accountability, and achieve results.
  • Be an influential sounding board to other executives.
  • Focus on her own agenda.

Victoria provides additional learning resources tailored to the group’s emergent topics. As the group comes to understand each other’s goals and challenges, deeper support naturally develops. Members develop a network for life.

Yearly membership in a forum is purposefully priced so it is not out of reach for individuals who do not have corporate sponsorship.

To discuss if a forum is right for you, please Contact Victoria.