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Companies and organisations can have their own Talent Futures forum that is specific to a development challenge, such as:

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  • Successful Navigators: those transitioning to a new role
  • Working Mums: leaders with young children, focusing on effectiveness and career concerns
  • Internal Consultants: functional leaders such as HR, Finance, IT, or Compliance with an internal client base, focusing mainly on influence.

Each forum is limited to 6-10 participants to ensure optimal group learning conditions. A bespoke solution can be created that includes extras, such as:

  • Workshop days on the topic
  • Up to three 90-minute coaching sessions per individual

The benefits of Talent Futures Forums as a learning solution are:

  • The workshops cover key topics in the specific leadership challenge which are reinforced over the course of the year.
  • Leaders receive private feedback from the Coach on their group interaction.
  • Forum meetings develop each leader's effectiveness in meetings at work.
  • Savings of 60-75% per person in comparison to the price of an individual coaching package.
  • A typical one-to-one coaching programme gives an executive 9-12 hours of the coach's time. An organisation-based forum could provide 4½ hours of one-to-one coaching, up to 16 hours of focused group learning, and a network that can last a lifetime.