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Mountain sunrise The Talent Futures Emerging Leaders Forum is for women who are newly arrived or on the cusp of executive leadership. The focus is on career management, gravitas, and influence.


  • Set goals with facilitator Victoria Hall in a one-on-one session.
  • Share their goals with the group.
  • Learn how to coach each other.
  • Gain a supportive network of colleagues.

The Emerging Leaders quickly bonded and supported each other through political challenges, leadership questions, job changes, and house moves. Here's what they say about their year together:

"Victoria created a safe space for me to acknowledge my doubts and concerns and then confront them in a pragmatic way. She is very supportive, highly focused and insightful. She helped me value my own judgement and experience and challenged me to focus more on what I want to achieve and what I am going to do to achieve it, instead of being distracted by other people’s agendas. I now have a greater level of self-awareness and am far more committed to and confident in achieving my career goals."

"It's more than doing things differently, it's thinking differently."

"I've really benefited from the continuity, the ability to keep coming back, and to share my progress."

"I've gained knowledge of other business environments and met wonderful, diverse, interesting, and supportive people."

"I've gained a lot of confidence!"

"Victoria had a good understanding and feel for where everyone was, and what they could offer and get back."

"Victoria's insights, guidance and facilitation have been invaluable…particularly the unintentional teachings through her own behaviour. The way she can accommodate strong personalities…was eye-opening to me. She reminded me, through this patient interaction, to look for the strengths and positives of each person—and of course there are plenty of those in each one of us!"

To discuss if a forum is right for you, please Contact Victoria.