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Services - Team Development & Facilitation

Often the beginning point for team development is a leader who wants a more cohesive team or a team capable of leading the organisation through significant change.

Talent Futures Team Development and Facilitation focuses on how the team achieves the business objectives together, and the team’s impact on their organisation.

Team of businesspeople build a new company

Talent Futures believes that teams build the strongest relationships through joint achievement, so our solutions are designed with the client’s business goals firmly in mind. We do this by:

  • Interviewing team members on the business needs, dynamics of the team, and longer-term insights so a collective yet anonymous picture is formed.
  • Sharing the collective picture with all involved in plain language.
  • Facilitating working sessions on the team’s real business challenges.
  • Using psychometrics to address the business need when appropriate. For example, measures of creativity, values, strengths, or personality that the team can leverage in achieving their target.
  • Creating understanding of team member differences and making productive use of them.
  • Providing one or more confidential individual coaching meetings per team member.

As a result, individuals increase their ability to influence, and the team determines effective ways of working together and independently.  Business goals and objectives are reached, and new targets are more easily achieved in the future.