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Executive coaching is a partnership between the executive and the coach that enables the executive to achieve goals in leadership. Their work together is a time of discovery, release, authenticity, a renewed sense of purpose, and greater choice. Talent Futures coaching focuses on the client's purpose and identity as a leader and achievement of the business objectives. We do this by heightening the client's self-awareness, challenging assumptions, and creatively expanding options in relationships and influencing.

Through coaching, Talent Futures clients have:

  • Restructured organisations
  • Transitioned to new roles
  • Acclimated to new cultures
  • Led change
  • Increased their influence
  • Motivated staff to take on more accountability, and
  • Created stronger relationships in their organisations.

In addition to achieving their goals, clients repeatedly state that as a result of coaching they feel less stressed, more confident, and better equipped to manage future challenges and greater responsibility.