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Leadership Effectiveness coaching is for executives who have patterns in behaviour that are limiting or impeding their otherwise strong performance, or who in some way are misaligned with the company culture. The executive may need new ways of thinking about challenges, stronger influencing ability, or a bigger behavioural “repertoire” for certain difficult situations.

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Leadership Effectiveness coaching begins with the coach understanding the world through the executive client’s eyes. This is often achieved with a background interview and feedback on personality questionnaires. To provide a view on how the executive is experienced by colleagues, 360 feedback is gathered anonymously and shared with the executive in confidence. By contrasting the inner understanding and outer views, the coaching goals are clarified. These goals are then reviewed with the coaching sponsor.

With the coach's bond of trust, continual positive regard, and spirit of joint exploration, the executive finds that simple adjustments can be made comfortably and yield clear results. Having achieved some progress, these executives often succeed beyond their initial coaching goals and consequently also gain increased confidence and stronger engagement with their organisations, while increasing retention of their teams.