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High potential executives often have been promoted very quickly through the organisation. The Company wants to keep them on track, happy, motivated, and able to manage the pressures of an executive role. Sometimes a few gaps in managerial knowledge or experience may need to be filled. Often the ever-increasing demands on high potentials coincide with the start of a family. The feeling of being stretched too thinly is then magnified further.

High Potential

Talent Futures coaching helps high potentials manage the pressure while filling in the gaps. Engaging, supportive, and appropriately challenging, high potential coaching suits a variety of executives. For example, executives who are:

  • Several times promoted in a short period
  • Preparing for promotion
  • Ready to move, but no clear next role has been identified
  • New Parents

Talent Futures High Potential coaching provides executives what they need when they need it, but also asks the important long-term questions to help them stay on track. By creating a safe environment in which to explore all aspects of an executive career, high potential executives emerge with a renewed sense of purpose, alignment with the organisation, and stronger belief in their own abilities.