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When an executive is new to the role, new to the Organisation, or has a broader or different scope than before, Transition Coaching is a cost-effective way to ensure success. In a transition, it is important for the executive to consider what strengths, working styles, and mindsets are appropriate to carry forward into the new role, and which ones to leave behind. What made someone successful in the past may no longer be applicable.

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Recalibrating the self while making distinct contributions in a new role is a considerable challenge. Using the Talent Futures transition model, this coaching provides the confidential support so critical in the early days of a new role while challenging the executive to:

  • Examine the leadership challenge
  • Consider values, career goals, and drivers
  • Ensure early wins
  • Build key relationships
  • Set clear long-term targets

It takes a typical executive 6 months or more to reach full effectiveness in a new role. Talent Futures coaching not only shortens this time, but increases the influence and effectiveness of the transitioning leader. Additionally, retention is increased for the executive and the team.