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Executives who work at the top of their organisations face unique challenges and their use of coaching is necessarily different.  For CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and other top leaders, coaching sessions are dependent on the leader’s agenda.

Flexible, fluid, creative, with sessions that are structured and thinking that is abstract; Talent Futures C-suite coaching is for those who value a dedicated discussion partnerC-suite clients gain personal insight with a leadership expert who is genuinely inquisitive and ever-mindful of the client’s focus.

Talent Futures C-Suite coaches possess a keen ability to understand personality, motivations, and power-orientations.  They seek deep understanding of each client’s reality and ask the tough questions that are too rarely posed to senior leaders, opening the door to further insight.  Described as "ego-less" by a leadership development colleague, Victoria Hall has created a C-Suite Coaching practice that offers a mirror to the executive, rather than a mentor.